Movement, Space, and Poetics

Thank you for joining me in my journeys through Lima, Peru. In this section, I provide updates of my time in the city, images and videos of different types of transience, and references to relevant reading material as I come across it. I hope to offer a living, breathing, account of the fluid, mercurial, and ephemeral experiences that energize the urban space within the interstices of structure and permanence.

The migrant street vendor, the resting vagrant, the crowded “microbus”, the refugee camp, and the winding public protest all intertwine and interact in the quotidian to develop a unique part of Lima, which in turn pulsates and responds to these fluid influences. Structure and movement. Transience and permanence. The poetic and the prosaic. Rather than diametrically opposed, these concepts exist in conjunction and inform one another.

It should go without saying that my accounts are only small ethnographic views of vast socio-historical experiences. Yet, there is something still beautiful and nascent about the wide-eyed student immersed in an infinitely complex stage of new tastes, sights, and emotions. Thus: a blog. Please advance through the posts and images as one swimming in the ocean, carried by the current to where it wishes to take you, immersed and without immediate direction.

“Todo sucedía como siempre: y yo descansaba descansando…” -Javier Heraud; 1. El Viaje


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